Thursday, June 23, 2016

Don't Let Grams Touch Anything in the Van

Grams had two doctors' visits this week.

The first one was with her nephrologist (kidney doctor) at NKC on Tuesday.

NKC Hospital has done something I personally consider a pain in the butt...They started offering valet parking at the Pavilion. Now honestly, it wouldn't be a bad thing, but at Grams appointment they had 5 cars parked and blocking the drive to drop off because the valet service was taking so long. I had to drop her off because they didn't have any open handicap spots which means that I have to pull up, get her chair out of the back of the van, unhook her oxygen, and attach it to the chair and move her inside. By the time I did all of that there were several cars behind me waiting for valet...what gets me is that many of the people who take advantage of valet parking aren't even the ones that really need it.

Anyway, I get Grams up to the doctor's office, checked in, and we are waiting for the doctor and she tells me that she has to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately for her, I couldn't take her then because this particular doctor is quick about seeing patients. The nurse came out shortly after to take her back. We go back and she tells the nurse that she has to go to the bathroom. Again unfortunately for her, the nurse tells her that she has to wait. The doctor came in within just a couple of minutes and after he left we had to wait for the nurse to come back...and then she could FINALLY go to the bathroom.

The results from the doctor: He doesn't need to see her again unless we or her primary doctor thinks she needs to him...It is both good and bad news though. A little bit of relief from the number of doctors that she is seeing, but the reason that he doesn't need to see her anymore is because at this point there is nothing more that he can do.

Since I didn't want to sit through the craziness at the Pavilion entrance, I just pushed Gram in her chair out to where I parked the van. I get her in the van with her oxygen attached to the back of her seat, and I go to put the wheelchair in the back of the van. I'm reaching down to open the hatch and I hear a click...

Grams had locked the van doors.

I reached for the key fob and unlocked the doors, and I asked her not to lock the doors.

I close the hatch and I'm walking around the side of the van to the driver's side and I hear another click.

She locked the doors AGAIN.

I unlocked them, got into the van, and TOLD her to NOT touch anything in the van.

We headed home and when I tell Mom, she told me that she didn't blame Grams for locking me out of the van. Really?

I'm so lovable though. Why would anyone want to get away from me?

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