Saturday, June 25, 2016

Don't Let the Grandmas Use the iPad

I love my technology. I enjoy spending lots of time on my computer, having the latest cell phone, playing games on the iPad and reading on my Kindle. I spend a lot of time using modern technology.

The Grandmas on the other can barely use their cell phones, and both of them have flip phones. Boonie just got a new cell phone a couple of weeks ago, and since then she enjoys talking about how much more difficult it is to use than the old one and there isn't a lot of difference between the two of them.

A couple of years ago Grams received an iPad from the family for Christmas. I think that iPads are relatively simple to use, but Grams always ends up messing it up somehow.

So here is my tribute to the Grandmas and modern technology...

If you give your grandma an iPad, she is going to want to have an email account.

If you give your grandma an email account, she is going to want a Facebook account too.

If you give your grandma a Facebook account, she is going to go on Facebook and click on a link.

When she links on the link, she will not know what website she is on and she will click on another link.

When she clicks on the other link, she will see a form asking for her name and her address and she will start filling them out.

When she is done filling them out, she will click the button that says "submit."

After she clicks "submit", she will put the iPad down and go take a nap. She will forget all about filling out the form.

When she receives a package in the mail two weeks later, she will wonder why she is getting a package in the mail.

After she opens the package, she will ask for the iPad.

So one word of advice if you are thinking of getting your grandma an iPad: Don't let the Grandmas use the iPad.

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