Sunday, June 12, 2016

Welcome to Life with the Grandmas

Welcome to Life with the Grandmas!

My name is Misty Boone. I'm 40 years old and single (never married). I moved back in with my parents' about 4 years ago to take care of my maternal grandmother (from here on out known as Grams). She has congestive heart failure, kidney disease, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease with Lewey Body Dementia.

I first moved in to her apartment because she was frequently forgetting to take her medications or wouldn't take them correctly, but because her apartment complex was for seniors only the management objected to me staying with her so when my parents found a house big enough for all of us we moved in with them and have been here ever since.

About two months ago, my paternal grandmother (aka Boonie) moved in with us also. She is almost completely deaf and has become very emotional in the last few years. She also has congestive heart failure and anxiety issues.

Every day lately has been a new adventure. We have had drama, comedy and occasionally a little action, (really the only thing missing from my life right now is a little romance) so I've been telling everyone that my life would make a good sitcom.

Instead of a sitcom, I've decided to write this blog instead. I will not likely post on a regular basis, but more than likely this will be my journal where I record the funny episodes as well as the frustrations and beauty of being a caregiver to both of my grandmothers.

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