Monday, June 13, 2016

The Invisible Dog

It's been a couple of weeks since this experience I'm about to share happened, but really it is too good not to share.

A couple of weeks ago, Grams (my maternal grandmother) started yelling for me.


I walk into her room. She is lying in bed, but she appears to be awake. She is looking around and frantically waving her hand.

I asked, "What do you need, Grandma?"

"Will you take this dog and feed it? It keeps trying to eat my hand."

Now here is where I have to be totally honest. Usually when she does something like this I point out that there really isn't a dog there. It usually starts an argument and then I end up being called all sorts of names.

That day though I did something totally different...I played along.

"Okay, Grandma. I'll feed the dog. Come on, dog! Let's go, dog! Let's get you some food!"

Whistling and patting my leg as I left her room.

As I left I also closed her door, saying, "Grandma, I'm closing your door so that the dog doesn't come back in."

I left and she was perfectly fine.

Invisible dogs, blue horses, and cows in the neighbors' yards...those are just a few of the adventures that happen around here. (BTW, the cows weren't real. We live in town.)

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